Founders and executive decision makers from coast-to-coast and around the globe in Canada’s fast growing and lucrative Blockchain, Fintech, Crypto, P2P, Crowdfinance and Alternative finance sectors:

  • Blockchain, Fintech and Funding Experts such as Blockchain innovators, fintech and funding portals, legal, accounting and finance professionals, innovators, regulators, dealer-brokers, consultants, marketers, fintech providers & advisory groups
  • Startups/Scale-ups interested in raising capital from innovation finance markets such as ICOs, token offerings (ITOs), crowdfunding, debt, equity, perks, royalties, hybrids and want to learn about emerging opportunities, regulations, strategies, costs and risks.
  • Investors – Early stage accredited and retail, angels, VC groups, fund managers and corporate investors actively seeking to invest and create value with leading and emerging start-ups
  • Entrepreneurial and innovation networks seeking to commercialization ventures including incubator/accelerators, entrepreneurs, start-ups, high impact SMEs
  • Prospective funding portals or EMDs looking to move their practice online, or add crypto/ICO/token related products to their offerings.
  • Tech, business and community development groups
  • All levels of government and academic hubs involved in small business incubation and innovation
  • Media journalists and content creators covering blockchain, crypto, bitcoin, ICOs, P2P, crowdfinance, fintech, innovation, technology, small business and finance