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VanFUNDING 2017 (#VF2017) is a financial innovation conference + 1 day hackathon that helps educate stakeholders on emerging fintech, P2P, crowd and alternative finance trends, opportunities and regulations while helping companies raise capital and connect with investors, prospective partners and markets.

For Investors

Discover new investment strategies, startups/SMEs and new opportunities.  Meet emerging fintech crowdfunding companies in a unique Pitch + Meet format.

For Startups and SMEs

Network and pitch your venture to prospective customers, investors and the wider capital raising ecosystem at large to help propel your company to the next milestone.

For Fintech Leaders

Celebrate the transformation of digital finance with fintech peers and share how you are unbundling and enhancing financial services, mint your brand while fostering global opportunities.

For Collaborators and Hackers

Does your team like to hack tough challenges with leading vision, technology, design, business process and focused grit?  Compete in a 1 day premiere Sandbox Hackathon co-hosted by the BCSC and win CASH and prizes!

For Professionals

Lawyer, accountant, marketing specialist or tech guru?  Get access to emerging early stage companies, deal flow and partners through new financial instruments to generate revenue and leads for your practice.

For Enterprise

Want to connect with leading capital markets innovators, consultants and experienced providers to develop an internal ‘sandbox’ program to test the waters or rapidly develop a global solution?

For Policy Makers

Discuss and learn how emerging digital technologies will impact the future of financial transactions and services globally and what it means for existing regulatory cultures and policies.

For Innovators

Join 300+ investors, entrepreneurs, hackers, and industry experts to learn, network and be inspired by leading-edge content and the power of co-creation, innovation, tech and the crowd!








VanFUNDING 2017 is a not to be missed BLOCKCHAIN and FINTECH FUNDING conference that pushes boundaries to discuss the latest developments, educate, inspire, and connect ‘You and your vision’ with leading innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, vendors, thought leaders and policy makers in the quickly emerging sectors of fintech, P2P, crowdfinance, blockchain ICOs, digital currencies and alternative finance.  Connect with leading experts and learn how to buy, sell or build in Canada’s internet finance markets:

Blockchain, Crypto, ICOs

Market Trends and Innovation


Dealflow and Investors

Equity Crowdfunding

Investor Strategies

Networking & Partnerships


Emerging Regulations

Pitching Opportunities

Fintech Disruption


Best Practices, Myths, AMA

Crowdbuilding, Media/PR

Alternative Finance


How to Raise Money $

Token Economics

Leadership Culture

Rewards and Presale


Interactive Dialogues

Join the latest wave of fintech innovation and be part of the new digital finance economy (engage, build, launch, grow)!

With new crowdfunding regulations and an explosion of blockchain technology and initial coin offerings powering cryptoeconomics and  continued strong investor appetite for innovative fintech companies, 2017 is the tipping point of financial innovation full of opportunity as markets begin to coalesce globally, however not without challenges and risks.  These are new times driven by new innovations, deep technology and global infrastructure and reach. 

Join us at the ‘Theater in the Round’ and engage with leading experts and practitioners at downtown Vancouver’s SFU Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue (Asian Pacific Hall), a unique and premium UN-style venue selected to elevate thought provoking discussion and inclusive speaking participation for attendees.

A few of the hot button topics that will be explored (full agenda coming soon):

  • The future of money and transformation of private and private markets globally
  • Are millennial’s driving the consumerization of digital finance?
  • With so much risk, hype and volatility in digital currency markets, how do investors and issuers approach Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)?
  • Will global regulators apply a complete ban on ICOs like China has?  Will industry self-regulation efforts create new standards?
  • How disruptive will ICOs be to VCs, angels and traditional capital markets?  Should VCs be afraid?
  • The anatomy of digital exchanges and what it means for investors, companies, fiat currencies and liquidity?
  • Coast to coast crowdfinance regulatory update and critical updates on ICO guidance.
  • Are regulations stifling the growth of equity crowdfunding in Canada?  How can regulators create a regulatory culture able to keep up with modern digital times?
  • Growth hacking, crowdbuilding, pre-sale distributions, and pitfalls to avoid when marketing to investors
  • Investment models and perspectives, incentives, token economies, what we are looking for and why?
  • What are the keys to success in venture financing and how to raise money from investors?
  • OK we’re trying to raise funding online (but it’s not working) what do we do?
  • How AI, machine learning and distributed networks are fundamentally changing financial decisions, transactions and the potential of shared data protocols.
  • Are small business loans and bank credit gaps being filled by new fintech entrants fast enough and what does this mean for the Canadian economy and jobs?
  • Leadership culture, health and wealth, and why having a clear vision and deep understanding of oneself will help emerging leaders steer the ship
  • International peer to peer economy and crowdfinance markets – lessons and opportunities for Canada on going global
  • Startup Blockchain, Regtech and Fintech teams develop business concepts or pitch existing models for prize incentives at the VanFUNDING Hackathon!

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This is an event you don`t want to miss – last one of the year!  Secure your premium seat now… (limited capacity)!

Immersive Experience

Full day of curated educational programming, networking and partnership opportunities. All the hot button topics required to successfully navigate markets, vendors and online financing transactions for companies, investors and industry.

Workshops & Hackathon

Attend focused workshops into topical areas of interest or even join our inaugural Hackathon to solve the most pressing problems holding back the next wave of financial innovation.

Meet & Pitch Investors

Pitch your business concept or growth venture to investors, crowd and prospective partners. Connect with early stage funding sources and expert advisors to accelerate your company’s access to capital and funding strategy.

Tap Expanding Networks

Connect with an expanding national and global capital networks of peers, prospects, partners, mentors and more. Learn from entrepreneurial pitches, and directly connect to industry and domain experts.


We’re looking for visionary fintech speakers and passionate leaders that actively building, operating or financing ventures in:

  • Fintech Innovation and the Future of Money, Capital Markets and Financial Services

  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, ICOs

  • Alternative Finance and Global P2P marketplaces, Token economy

  • Internet and crowd-enabled Finance, Angel and Venture investing

  • AI and Machine Learning applications in fintech

  • Growth hacking – Media/PR (Marketing)

  • Investing and start-up / scale-up finance domain expertise

  • Emerging regulations, Risks and Governance

  • Leadership Culture and Development


Great volunteer opportunities for outgoing and energetic team players!


A limited number of media passes will be granted to qualifying media organizations.

#VF2017 Host

Platinum Partner:  VIP Networking Reception (Nov 27)

Co-host:  Regtech 4.0 Sandbox Hackathon

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