The Van Conference is a non-profit charitable organization that enhances oral health and well-being worldwide. For 3 years, we have provided unbiased, expert, and objective advice on all aspects of oral health to those who need it the most.

We work collaboratively with the government, dental and health professionals, manufacturers and the dental product sector, local and national agencies, and the general public to address inequities in oral health and improve people’s lives to the best of our ability.

The concept of preventative dentistry and the benefits that come with it is very new, and only a few dentists currently use it.

We’ve run the Van Conference from our main office in Ontario Canada for many years. Our company is a charity enterprise, and our specialists’ critical efforts continue to better the lives of professionals and the general public. We are an excellent resource for educating people about various oral and dental health issues.

To this point, we’ve been able to fulfill a few requests, helping a wide range of people around the world who came to us seeking advice, support, and reassurance.

We are a non-profit organization that provides high-quality education and oral hygiene products to health professionals all around the world. We serve over 7,000 dental practices, hospitals, health centers, and educational institutions. We provide both affordable and high-quality goods for individuals in need of oral health education and motivating materials for their patients and communities.

Inequalities in oral health continue to rise, and as the incidence of oral cancer rises, our role as a pioneer in oral health education and prevention becomes increasingly important.

The company works to decrease oral health inequalities by offering information and support to children, the elderly and disabled, vulnerable people, and people living in poverty all around the world.

Too many individuals are becoming geographically separated, and those who are disabled have a more difficult time accessing the assistance they require.

Donate to the Van Conference to help us minimize oral health disparities.