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Why a Blockchain Regtech Hackathon?

The world of finance is constantly changing and technology is transforming financial services and access to financial products. This has created the urgent need to solve regulatory and compliance requirements more effectively and efficiently.  Seeking to balance financial stability and consumer protection with growth and innovation, financial regulators have to adopt a process of regulatory innovation.  By facilitating the exchange of ideas, and bringing together top entrepreneurial, technical, analytical, and design talent in an innovative environment, surrounded by top experts mentors and investors, BCs first ever Blockchain Regtech Hackathon is the perfect place for your team to take part in reshaping financial ecosystems and accelerating the pace of change.


Hackathon Schedule

8:00 AM Registration and Networking

Register in the Atrium and grab some breakfast!  Checkout the Exhibitors gallery and network with participants

8:40 AM VanFUNDING 2017 Opening Keynote(s)

Opportunity to gather in Asian Pacific Hall to listen to VF2017 opening keynote(s)

9:30 AM Regtech Hackathon Begins

Overview of regulatory challenges, event focus, domains covered and how to win

Finalize teams and Introduce mentors

10 AM Work Session

Teams start working on their idea and advance their business concept or prototype

Mentors will be available throughout the day to support teams and provide guidance

12:30 PM Lunch

Lunch will be served between 12:30 PM and 1:15 PM

Opportunity to see IBM ‘Lunch & Learn’ Product demo in Asian Pacific Hall

1:20 PM Work Session

Teams continue to work on their idea

Mentors will be available throughout the day to support teams and provide guidance

3:00 PM Prepare To Pitch

Teams prepare their pitch

Mentors will be available throughout the day to support teams and provide guidance

3:50 PM  Pitching Session

Teams pitch to judging panel

Judges evaluate pitches and give feedback

4:30 PM Winner Announcement

Winners are announced and presented with prizes

VF2017 Regtech Hackathon Winning team to present/demo in Asian pacific hall to Conference Attendees

5:30 PM Closing Cocktail Reception  

Network with VanFUNDING 2017 GOING MAINSTREAM Blockchain, Fintech & Funding investors, partners and conference attendees!


Ready to launch the next innovation in the world of Blockchain Regtech? 

Collaborate with your team and help pave the way to re-imagine the use of new technologies to enable better financial compliance solutions, increasing efficiency, profitability and reducing barriers to entry to the sector. The inaugural #VF2017 Blockchain RegTech Hackathon seeks to revolutionize the way regulatory and compliance requirements are addressed and envision the future of a sector that is rapidly growing.  While Blockchain is a revolutionary technology, to achieve massive adoption on a global scale, governments, regulators and industry innovators must collaborate to foster the use of technology and its applications while guaranteeing market stability, investor protections and compliance.

RegTech Hackathon Areas of Focus:


1. Blockchain, Crowdfunding and Smart Contracts

Make it easy, fast and inexpensive to use smart contracts and blockchain to govern equity crowdfunding so that it becomes a more attractive way to raise money.

2. Capital Markets Innovation

Accelerate the efficiency (costs and time), quality (customer service and experience), and integrity (privacy, identification and authentication) of Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes.  Pick one of:

2A.  Build a solution based on blockchain and share ledger related technologies that will shorten the time needed to process clearing

2B  Create the framework for a solution based on blockchain technology that will streamline and facilitate annual general meetings for reporting issuers.  In developing this solution, consider the following:

  • Automated scheduling of notification, record and meeting dates
  • Electronic delivery of proxy materials
  • Voting eligibility and voting reconciliation
  • Online shareholder participation for items raised from the floor during meeting, and
  • Scalability to permit differing requirements under shareholders local proxy delivery requirements


3. Know Your Client (KYC)

Developing a platform to consolidate the information required for the KYC process integrating real-time alerts and triggers by specific events. In developing this platform, consider the following aspects of KYC and authentication:

  1. Enable secure authentication and transmission of documents and contract
  2. Consolidate information required for KYC process that is scalable for local KYC requirements, and
  3. Ensure that information provided is up-to-date and that updates to information can be tracked in an easy-to-understand manner

4. Investor Protection and Investment Literacy

How can technology be used to help investors be better educated to make them aware of fraudulent online or other tech scams.

  • Create a framework for a blockchain-based platform that can be used to gauge the warning signs of fraud for online investments; or
  • a blockchain-based platform that can track the “savviness” of investors (e.g. courses or viewed videos to make them aware of fraudulent activities) which could incentivize investors to participate (e.g. “gamifying” investor awareness)

5. Registration and Compliance (Tracking)

Develop a solution for real time monitoring and tracking of current developments in securities regulation on registration and compliance for registrants, regulators, and policy makers.  For example and as a starting point, this solution should allow users to:

  • Know what and when new regulations are going to be in effect
  • Find up-to-date information on guidance that is published by various regulators, self-regulatory organizations, and industry groups relating to securities regulations and compliance trend

Solutions could also allow for surveillance, centralized access and other mechanisms for facilitating compliance functions or regulatory communication/surveillance.


Seeking to:

  • Improve data aggregation and management
  • Advance data analysis and interpretation
  • Allow for real-time compliance and risk management
  • Streamline and reducing the cost of compliance
  • Improve financial literacy
  • Modernize technologies and processes

* Solutions presented must be fast and scalable and support centralized access by regulators and policy makers where possible

How to Win RegTech Hackathon?

Innovate, and execute on RegTech ideas to:

  • improve regulatory quality and competitiveness
  • deliver regulatory requirements more efficiently and effectively
  • make it easier to use new systems for compilation, analysis, intelligence, monitoring, reporting and compliance


Who Should Participate?

  • Existing Teams:  Regtech companies or startups that want to represent the organization with a team or friends from different organizations that want to come together as a team.
  • Individuals:  Entrepreneurs, developers, designers, strategists, analysts and regtech experts and professional services providers that have an interest in regulatory solutions in the financial services sector and have innovative ideas on improving its quality and competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness


Over $20,000 in total value will be up for grabs!  (Cash + Awesome Incentives from innovation partners – more coming…!)

Judging Criteria

Judging will be based on the following criteria, with equal weight assigned to each:


  • Idea uniqueness
  • Differentiation
  • Creativity
  • Relevance to domain and hackathon theme
  • WOW factor

User Experience

  • Ease of use
  • Workflow
  • Intuitiveness


  • Clearly stated problem
  • Solution explained well
  • Market opportunity
  • Market Research


  • Problem Customer Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Funding Risk
  • Product Risk

Some Reading Materials and Resources:


What are the participation Requirements?
Teams may be composed of minimum 3 and a maximum 6 participants.
Can I come ready as a team? Can I participate as an individual
Yes, though we have a limit of six members per team.
I don’t have a team, but still wish to come along, can I do so?
If you are coming in solo and want to work with others, our Monday social is a great opportunity to meet others and form teams. Our goal is to have everyone on a team by the end of the night so we can quickly register the teams on tuesday morning.
Do we own your code?
No, all code is yours. We are here to enable innovation not kill it.
What should I bring?
Generally, you’ll need to bring your computer, a charger and any other devices that will contribute to the application’s creation.
If you have any other questions or need more information send us an email at

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