When a tooth is lost due to injuries or illnesses, the loss of a tooth can cause many adverse outcomes, including increased bone loss, speech impairment, and altered chewing habits. When a tooth is lost is replaced with dental implants, the patient’s health and well-being are greatly improved.

Dental implants are a dependable and long-lasting option for replacing missing teeth. In contrast to removable dentures, implants are fixed to the jawbone. They give the appearance of natural teeth. Dental implants are generally reliable and safe. However, getting approved for them requires consultation with an experienced dentist skilled in their placement.

Are You Eligible for Dental Implants?

Today, dental implants are frequently used for restoring lost teeth. They look and feel like natural teeth; provided they are correctly maintained, they can last for as long as 25 years or more. Dental implants, however, are only suitable for some. Dentists consider all aspects, including the patient’s fit and preparedness for the treatment, in assessing the efficacy of dental implants.

Here are a few of the conditions that a person has to meet before getting dental implants:

1. Adequate Bone Density

Before making dental implants, your dentist will want to ensure you have sufficient bone strength and density. The quality and density of your jawbone are crucial to the success of the dental implant procedure, as the implant is expected to join with the jawbone to form roots for the new tooth (or teeth).

If you do not have enough densities of your bone, your dentist could suggest a bone grafting operation or other solutions for replacing your teeth.

2. Good Oral Health

Your implant dentist will want to check your teeth, gums, and mouth to ensure oral health. If you suffer from tooth cavities or decay, your dentist will recommend treatments such as root canals or teeth extraction before dental implant surgery.

If you have a severe tooth infection needing emergency dental care by a dentist in Northside Jacksonville FL, you can search for the details of reputable dental clinics in that area and visit their physical site.

3. Absence of Gum Disease

The gums are the anchors and cushions for the implant’s roots. The crown is placed on top of this base. Gum disease, a prevalent indication of periodontal disease, is yet another issue for implant placement. You must address gum disease before dental implant surgery to avoid complications or failure of the implant.

4. Age

The success of dental implants relies on the jaw’s stability; thus, any changes in the jaw’s shape or size may fail the implant. This is why many dental offices won’t place implants in kids younger than 18 since their jaws are still growing. However, dentists may create exceptions after assessing jaw development.

5. Excellent Overall Health

It is essential to be healthy to be considered a suitable candidate. Additional preparation and care could be required for those who smoke, have had chemotherapy, undergo other medical treatments, or have unmanaged diabetes. Your dentist and physician will assess your implant eligibility.

To know where the best place to get dental implants in Florida is, you can check the website for reviews, or you can ask your family, friends, or colleagues for recommendations. 

6. Commitment to the Treatment Plan

Implants that work for suitable candidates are committed to the entire process. If you want optimal results, it is essential to adhere to your dentist’s recommendations carefully, including regular dentist visits and dental routines. It would help if you also thought about altering your way of life. Should you be a smoker, you must quit smoking or reduce your intake to ensure the longevity of your tooth implant.

However, you may require a mouthguard or splint if you suffer from bruxism (grinding or grinding of teeth).

To see more about dental implants and other dental procedures, you can check the website of your trusted dental clinic or hospital for their offerings.


Although dental implants can provide lasting, long-lasting results, they may be more costly than alternatives. A consultation with your dentist can help you determine whether implants are a good choice for you or whether you should consider a different dental prosthesis that is more appropriate.

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