Losing teeth is accompanied by bone loss gradually and can cause changes in a person’s appearance. Many grownups lose some of their permanent teeth at some point. While tooth loss can be awkward, it’s more than cosmetic concerns. This problem might result in teeth that are shifting, decreased lifestyle, and poor overall health and nutrition.

If you have missing teeth and the issues discussed above have you worried, you may be in dire need of dental implants. As we continue, we will detail the indicators that will call for the need to get dental implants as soon as possible.

When should you get dental implants?

Are you so fed up with slippage and adhesives that typically come with dentures? Struggling with severely cracked or broken teeth or afraid to smile with confidence due to missing teeth? Then today could be the right time to consider getting dental implants. We’ve enumerated five warning signs you must watch out for to help solidify your decision to get dental implants.

1. Cracked or chipped teeth

If your teeth have chips or severe fractures, you might benefit from getting dental implants or dental crowns. Most dental practitioners do their best to save and protect the natural teeth structure, but the damaged tooth beyond repair must be forcefully pulled out. If this occurs, going with dental implants that work like your natural teeth can help restore your attractive smile.

2. Difficulty chewing

Have you been experiencing difficulties eating or chewing your favorite food due to missing teeth that even forced you to remove certain foods from your diet? You could experience malnutrition if the foods you stop consuming are the most healthy ones. However, you will never have to experience that issue anymore, as dental implants can restore your appetite due to their ability to act like natural teeth.

With dental implants, you’ll appreciate the ability to normally eat again and enjoy your favorite foods you might have prohibited from your diet plan due to chewing difficulties.

3. Changes to facial appearance

If you notice your jaw looking different or starting to collapse when you see yourself in the mirror, you could be experiencing bone loss. Missing teeth are often followed by bone loss and are normally experienced by people using dentures. On the other hand, dental implants promote bone growth which dentures can’t do, so this is probably a great plus.

If you’ve been using dentures for decades or several years, it can increase jawbone deterioration, causing your appearance to have a caved-in look. Fortunately, the dental implant procedure can successfully address this problem by giving your face a natural lift and enhancing your ability to talk and chew.

4. Missing teeth

As mentioned, missing teeth are more than an embarrassment and cosmetic concern as they may cause many health problems. Choosing dental implants will help you feel like you’ve got your natural teeth back. Furthermore, nobody can identify that you’re wearing it. Only you and the dentist will know. The visual distinction between natural teeth and dental implants is quite challenging to spot, so you can choose to have yours anytime without any worries.

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Dental implants make the best option to substitute missing teeth healthily and regain self-confidence in social settings, especially when making a speech or talking to others individually.

5. Dentures that are loose or don’t fit correctly

Dentures that do not fit in your mouth correctly can cause discomfort. However, dental implant patients do not experience this, as their prosthetic teeth act like their original teeth. People experiencing ill-fitting and slipping dentures can gain from having dental implants. Furthermore, dental implants can lessen discomfort as gum irritation is better prevented.

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